Studio Amenities Include:

Functional training

Functional training at its core is comprised of exercises that mimic everyday life, catering to everyone, no matter where they are in their fitness journey.


From Power Medicine Balls to foam rollers TRX suspension training, kettle bells, sand bag workouts, sled training, bodyweight workouts and more.


The blitz45 member power their workouts with quality functional training equipment that will help them develop overall strength while improving their day to day lives.

Variety intensity options

These versatile exercise products are vital to any functional training routine and gives the clients a variety of exercise and intensity options.



1. Every workout is a new experience

At Blitz45  we never repeat the same programs which makes for exciting and fun workouts that produce great results!

2. Team oriented environment

Going to big box gyms makes you feel like you’re surrounded by strangers.  Going to a Blitz45 makes you feel part of a team.

3. World Class trainers

Our classes are energized and coached by a qualified Blitz45 trainer, helping you and your team members through the best work out of your life.!

4. Members find our workouts addictive

It makes it easier to train on a regular basis and the consistency helps build an outstanding body that is strong, lean and athletic.

5. Appeal to Everyone

Blitz45 does not cater to only the fit, and anyone can gravitate toward this fitness concept. You will absolutely love the way you feel after just a short time of training.

6. Fast results

Our programs are designed to produce results in a short period of time. This is due to the intensity of the workouts.



Cliente 1

I really appreciate Blitz 45’s body-positive training. They focus on ensuring good form and utilizing modifications when necessary. I work out to become powerful, agile and relieve stress. The endorphins after class, the lack of focus on conventional beauty standards, and the emphasis on feeling great in my body are what sets Blitz45 apart!

Jennifer B

Cliente 2

I am grateful for the Blitz 45 family and how they have positively impacted in my life. It’s been a great experience with so much support in an uplifting environment! In such a short period of time, I am starting to make gains on my fitness goals and have an overall improved quality of life, feeling healthier and more confident. I’m so happy I have made this commitment with such a great family. They make working out fun and encouraging, unlike any other gym experience I have ever had!!

Holly F

Cliente 3

Blitz45 is something I look forward to every week. It has helped me get in shape and lose 18 pounds after attending classes weekly for the last two months and has also resulted in me becoming a better runner by building strength in areas other than just my legs. Everyone is friendly and I never feel judged. It's a great place to take or make friends. If you want to change your lifestyle or just become more active, I highly recommend Blitz45 classes.

James M

Cliente 4

The Blitz45 family has saved my life. I went in a very overweight, depressed, embarrassed, sad person inside. I have lost 23 lbs! I have no idea how many inches I’ve lost, but it is so significant that my pants fell down while I was walking my dog! This is the best place if you want health, happiness and a family feeling all in a 45 minute workout! I cannot stress enough the amount of support from everyone. The classes are productive and fun. I have not attended a class where there was not laughter and high fives for all. This is a family, not just a gym. ANY DOUBTS – TALK TO ME!

Rita K

Cliente 5

I have never enjoyed working out as much as I do now, thanks to Blitz45. I am so thankful that my friend encouraged me to give it a try—I became hooked after my first class! No matter what your age or current fitness level is, they will make sure that you have a great workout and leave feeling accomplished. You will never get bored with the workouts because they are constantly changing every single day. I have been a member of Blitz45 in Camp Hill for 3 months and I have become stronger, both physically and mentally, and am feeling more confident than ever. I look forward to seeing how much progress I will continue to make.

Kayla S

Cliente 6

Getting to know them and the other people working out is one of the best parts of going to Blitz45. The workouts are different every day, challenging yet highly adaptable for age, injury, fitness level, or other factors. We do a lot of hard work, but also have a lot of fun, and we get to watch us all get stronger and more confident.

Kara M

Cliente 7

Each class has a great variety of strength training and cardio. The best part is that I never look at the clock during my workout! Blitz45 is a great place for a great overall workout!

Lisa R

Cliente 8

This is a great place if you are looking for accountability and a small group or one on one setting to meet your health and physical goals. Check it out!

Bethany W

Cliente 9

After about 6 weeks of working out twice a week at Blitz45, I recently carried a 50-pound bag of sweeping compound from the car into the house. It seemed fairly easy, and I have not noticed any soreness at all. The last few years, trying to carry that much weight would have made my back hurt for weeks! Thanks, Blitz45! - Laura D., Enola PA

Laura D


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